Trucker Neighbourhood

Canada Economy

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Trucker Neighbourhood

von Canada Economy

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1. True / False / Not in the Text
Vicky’s husband has been driving on the ice road for many years.
2. Find the correct answer: (Drag&Drop)
The first ice roads in Canada were built in…

  • …the 1920s
  • …the 1930s
  • …1991
3. Find the correct answer: (Drag&Drop)
The first diamonds were found in Canada…

  • …in 1991
  • …in the 1930s
  • …in the 1920s
4. Find the correct answer:
The first Diamonds were found in Canada in…

  • …Yellowknife Diamond Mine
  • …Diavik Diamond Mine
  • …around 250 miles north of Yellowknife.
5. Complete the sentences:
As a truck moves on a frozen lake, it creates a slight wave in the water under the ice. This wave matches the speed of the truck and if the truck travels above a certain speed, the wave can break through the ice.
6. Choose the correct answer(s):
How much time do the truckers spend in the Ice Road?

  • …Three months every year.
  • …Four months every year.
  • …From January to March.
  • …Sometimes from January to April.
7. True / False / Not in the Text
Most Ice Road Truckers aren’t married because of their dangerous job.
8. True / False / Not in the Text
Because of their dangerous job, Ice Road Truckers earn a comparably high salary.
9. Complete Vicky's question:
„Ok. Last question. Are there any emergency or safety rules to follow in case a truck gets stuck in the ice?“
10. Choose the correct answer(s):
Which safety regulations are true?

  • A speed limit has to be respected.
  • A trucker always has to tell his company his exact position on the ice.
  • The truckers are mostly alone on the ice, so if an accident happens, other trucks aren’t put into danger as well.