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1. Complete the text (Drag and Drop):
Clarke often comes to Greliski’s Bar and Grill, because he likes ___________ although he doesn’t like _________ .  (hamburgers / hockey)
2. Choose the correct answer(s):
Tony Greliski was…

  •  …very young when he started playing hockey in school.
  •  …had a lot of talent in playing hockey.
  •  …lucky to be allowed to join the school team.
3. True / False / Not in the Text
The other kids in the school hockey team…

  •  …were jealous of Tony.
  •  …helped him to become better.
  •  …all played worse than him.
4. True / False / Not in the Text
It is normal that kids are jealous of each other.
5. Choose the correct answer(s):
When you do sports professionally…

  •  …a good education isn’t necessary because you earn enough money.
  •  …a good education helps for life after sports.
  •  …your body often tells you when your career is over.
6. Complete the statement with words from the text:
Fact is that your body has limits. Not only that you get older and your fitness will decline over the years, but also injuries get more frequent and become more serious as well.
7. True / False / Not in the Text
What does the phrase „and that’s exactly where your mind comes in mean?

  • You don’t need to think about your life as long as you do sports.
  • A strategy for life after sport becomes important when your body reaches its limits.
  • Sports and the mind have to stay in balance.
8. Choose the correct answer(s):
Which jobs does Clarke think would be suitable for a former sports star?

  •  … sports reporter
  •  … journalist
  •  … teacher
9. Choose the correct answer (Drag and Drop):
What are qualifications that according to the text help running a successful restaurant?  (maths / advertising / drivers licence / language skills)