Hoges – One night only

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Hoges - One night only

von Show Business

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1. Choose the correct statement(s):
„Hoges one night only“ is…

  • …the name of a talk show on TV.
  • …a new Hollywood movie.
  • …a current radio programme.
2. True / False / Not in the Text
  • Paul Hogan is an American actor.
  • Paul Hogan has beome famous for the role of Crocodile Dundee.
  • Paul Hogan hasn’t played many roles apart from Crocodile Dundee.
3. Choose the correct answer (Drag and Drop):
Paul Hogan’s son is called ___________ .  (Chance / Opportunity / Hope)
4. True / False
The movie Crocodile Dundee has made Australia…

  •  …a well known country all over the world.
  •  …a popular destination for tourists.
  •  …economically stronger.
5. True / False / Not in the Text
Before the Corcodile Dundee films only few tourists visited Australia.
6. Choose the correct answer(s):
What impressed Matt the most about Hogan in the TV-show was that…

  •  …he had a lot of notes with him, so he was obviously well prepared.
  •  …he didn’t have to use his notes while speaking in the show.
  •  …he had a fantastic slide show with him.
7. Choose the correct answer(s):
What did Paul Hogan talk about in the show?

  • His adventures
  • His private life
  • The people he’s met
  • His life as an actor