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British Literature

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The book club

von British Literature

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1. Complete the sentence

In the times the novel Oliver Twist plays in, Britain had a __________ and her name was __________ .

2. Facts about orphans & orphanages (T/F/NiT)
  • There were many orphanages all over the country in the times of Charles Dickens.
  • An orphan is a child who has lost its parents.
  • Every child lived in an orphanage on its own.
3. Facts about workhouses (T/F/NiT)
  • Children who worked in workhouses had to go to school, too.
  • England only had workhouses between the years 1837 and 1901.
  • In a workhouse the children had to work the whole day.
4. Tick the correct statement(s)
  • Charles Dickens has never lived in a workhouse.
  • The author knows what he is talking about because he lived in a workhouse, too.
  • Charles Dickens was an „orphan“, too.
5. Facts about Queen Victoria I (T/F/NiT)
  • Queen Victoria didn’t like the novel „Oliver Twist“.
6. Facts about Queen Victoria II (T/F/NiT)
  • Queen Victoria had many children.
  • Queen Victoria put the managers of workhouses into prison.
  • Queen Victoria never visited orphanages and workhouses.
7. Tick the correct answer(s)

After Queen Victoria put an end to the workhouses, children…

  • …were allowed to go to school.
  • …were able to eat real food.
  • …had to work for bad food.