A Visit to the Home of Glass

Parts of the UK – Ireland

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A Visit to the Home of Glass

von Parts of the UK - Ireland

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1. True / False / Not in the Text

Emily’s parents want to teach Emily how to make crystal glass at the Waterford Crystal Factory.

2. True / False / Not in the Text

Emily wants to become a glass-maker when she’s grown up.

3. Tick the true sentences.
  • The tour to the Waterford Crystal Factory is interesting because they have a program for kids there.
  • In the factory you can see, how machines produce crystal glass.
  • You aren’t allowed to watch the workers making glass.
  • The workers in the factory make glass right in front of you eyes.
4. Choose the right word.

The pieces of glass in the basket are mistakes which means they cannot sell / buy them.

5. Choose the right word.

You can buy very cheap / expensive pieces of glass in the museum’s shop.

6. Tick the wrong statements about The Telling Tales Tour.
  • All visitors of the tour have to wear to costumes.
  • Two actors play a butler and a housekeeper
  • The guides tell stories about how they made glass in the old days.
  • You won’t have time visit the toy museum if you take The Telling Tales Tour.
7. True / False / Not in the Text

Julie can’t go to County Waterford with Emily because her parents don’t like her.