No Problem Wearing Glasses

USA Literature

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No Problem Wearing Glasses

von USA Literature

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Übersicht der Fragen:

1. Choose the correct sentence(s).

If other pupils make fun of her because of her glasses, the doctor tells her…

  • …to try to be confident and happy.
  • …simply ignore them.
  • …make fun of the others herself.
2. Complete the sentence.

The girl, Helen, in the doctor’s story was born on __________ the ____ in  the year _______ .

3. Complete the sentence.

Before she became _______ at the age of ________________ she had been a __________ girl.

4. Complete the sentence.

Her illness made Helen ________ and _______ .

5. Tick the right Sentence(s).

Who was Anne Sullivan?

  • Helen’s mother.
  • A private teacher.
  • Another blind woman.
6. Tick the right Sentence(s).

What did Helen do, when she became angry?

  •  She pulled other persons‘ hair.
  •  She bit other persons.
  •  She kicked other pupils.
  •  She stopped talking to other people.
7. True / False / Not in the Text

Anne Sullivan grew up to write books about her life and she and Helen later became close friends.

8. True / False / Not in the Text
  • Tammy has to wear the glasses her mother chooses for her.
  • Tammy thinks that Helen’s world was dark and silent.
  • Tammy’s mother is wearing glasses as well.