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1. Find the three mistakes in this statement:

During a safari you are allowed to get out of the jeep to make videos of the animals from a near distance.

2. Choose the correct answer(s):

During a safari you should never…

  • …stand up in the jeep.
  • …take only water with you.
  • – …let parts of your body hang out of the jeep.
3. True / False / Not in the Text

Sara hasn’t been informed by the tourist office about the dangers on safaris.

4. Fill in the missing words in Bruno's statement:

Bruno: „If you follow our ____________ (simple) __________ (rules) that are for your _________ (own) _________ (safety) and well-being, you will ____________ (eventually) tell your ___________ (grandchildren) what an __________ (exciting) __________ (adventure) a safari is.“

5. Choose the correct answer(s):

The travel agency makes people believe that a safari is like a trip to Disneyland because…

  • …they think the can sell more tickets that way.
  • …don’t want to sell too much tickets because of the environment.
  • …they don’t care about tourists at all.
6. True / False / Not in the Text

There have been many accidents with tourists being attacked by wild animals like crocodiles.

7. True / False / Not in the Text

Animals are afraid of the safari-jeeps, because they have invaded their territory.

8. Fill in the missing words into Sara's statement:

Sara: „We ________ (humans) also ______ (move) the animals away from their _______ (natural) ________ (home).

9. True / False / Not in the Text

In the end, Sara has understood everything Bruno had told her.