How the Germans helped to build America

Germans in the USA

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How the Germans helped to build America

von Germans in the USA

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1. Complete the sentence:

Johann Peter Zenger was a German _________ from _________ to ________ to a printer called William Bradford.

2. True / False / Not in the Text:

The partnership between Zenger and Bradford didn’t last long because…

  • … Zenger preferred the higher class society.
  • … Zenger had more sympathy for the common people.
  • … Bradford and Zenger hat different political ideas.
3. Mark the correct statement(s)!
  • Zenger worked for a newspaper that often wrote against political leaders.
  • English politicians liked the cartoons printed in Zenger’s newspaper.
  • In England it was strictly forbidden to say anything against the government.
  • Zenger was put into prison because he wrote things that weren’t true
4. True / False / Not in the Text

After Zenger had been in prison, Freedom of the Press beagn in America.

5. True / False / Not in the Text

Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was so important for American history so they mention him in many history books.

6. Statements about Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. Tick the correct statement(s):
  • He made a career in the American Army.
  • He was born in Germany in 1730.
  • He trained George Washington’s Troops in the Amrican Revolution.
  • He died in Magdeburg in Germany in 1794.
7. True / False / Not in the Text

Levi Strauss lived in many different American cities.

8. True / False / Not in the Text

Levi Strauss followed the Gold Rush to Clifornia in 1902.

9. True / False / Not in the Text
  • The first kindergarden in the US was opened by Germans.
  • Grades in school are an American invention.
  • The educational system in Germany was better than that in the USA.
10. Match the name and expression! (von Steuben / Zenger / Strauss)
  • Gold Rush
  • Freedom of the Press
  • War of Independence