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1. Complete the sentence:

The history teacher Mr Rogers _________ his class on a _________ to Peru.

2. True / False / Not in the Text

Hiram Bingham is Indiana Jones‘ real name.

3. Which safety rules for visiting Machu Picchu are correct?
  • You mustn’t touch old artefacts (=ausgegrabene Gegenstände).
  • You’re allowed to walk wherever you want.
  • You must stay on the paths.
  • No old articles must be moved around.
4. True / False / Not in the Text

Simon wants to visit Machu Picchu,…

  • because he wants to write a report in school.
  • although Mr Rogers doesn’t want him to go.
  • because he likes the Indiana-Jones-movies.
5. Facts about the Hiram Bingham Pullman (1): T / F

The Hiram Bingham Pullman is a train that was planned and built by Hiram Bingham.

6. Facts about the Hiram Bingham Pullman (2): T / F

It is a tourist attraction, because you can reach Machu Picchu by it easily.

7. True / False / Not in the Text

The Indiana Jones Movies have been filmed completely in Hollywood.

8. Complete the sentence (Drag and Drop):

Machu Picchu has been built up rather hidden in the mountains because the Incans

could __________ the Spanish invaders there.

(trade with / hide from / fight against)

9. Some scientists think that Machu Picchu was...
  • …a religious place where the Incans could pray to their gods.
  • …only an area for holy people.
  • …is the biggest and oldest city of the Incans.
10. Complete the sentence.

Scientists have found _________ that people have made for _________ about their